Building the Future. Restoring the Past.

Elias, has been working in the construction and building industry for over 25 years. He started in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and then moved to the San Antonio area in 2009. 


As a youth Elias was always interest and intrigued by architecture and design. It was his dream to become an architect, but family circumstances prevented that. His interest in those subjects drew him to the construction and building industry. Elias continues to learn and grow, keeping up with current design trends and the latest products. 


Elias takes pride in his work, and strives to design spaces that meet the lifestyle and needs of each individual client. His insistence on high quality workmanship and his attention to customer needs has steered the company to great heights.

A note from Elias:

While I love everything about this industry, I truly enjoy designing kitchens and bathrooms. These projects include so many steps that have to happen in the right sequence. There is also so much attention to detail needed. The experience we have in this area makes our projects stand out. When I see my client in their new space for the first time, and I can see their vision was created, that is when I am truly satisfied with our work.